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DarkOne is a W:A player from the Netherlands. He was never really active in any kind of league, but is mostly known for other things.

He got W:A when it came out in 1999 and ventured online only for a brief period. After a longterm break, he finally rejoined W:A and joined his first clan: Artillery and BnG Forces. Despite its leader (Ash) being one of the more impopular people on WN (for alledgedly aliasing Dogma, something done by countless other people later on), DarkOne decided to stick with them anyway, trying to get the roping aspect of the clan to a higher level. After most of the more skilled wormers (like Lex and Kamikaze) left, DarkOne left ABF and instead joined one of the revivals of Only The Best after convincing by Pacewon and xSTraToVaRiuSx. His membership of OTB turned out to be very brief, as there wasn't anyone except Pacewon he could get along with very well.

At the time of WL, he was asked by Lex to join the Active 1's, which contrary to what the name suggests, never really got very active.

In 2002, shortly after meeting FFie, he joined her clan, RopeRace Professionals, a clan which mostly existed for the sake of fun and the love for RRing, which was DarkOne's favourite scheme. He would remain a member and later Co-Leader until RRp dissolved. (BeW was formed later by a few of its members and now consists of FFie, Enty and Mitsy.

During his membership, he joined Fight With Honour until it fell apart when its leader, Shadow disappeared. Shortly after that, he joined Worms Minesweeper Corps., which soon thereafter merged with Citizen Erased. When its leader (Kiros) then closed down FB the first time, Ce disbanded. As of 2011, DarkOne has re-entered the competitive ring and joined The Deadly Clan, while still retaining his membership of BeW.

As mentioned before, his favourite scheme was Roperacing, a scheme for which he has won several tournaments, including 2 RRkit tournaments. His first RRkit victory was achieved by beating Mablak and Ryan (considered to be the best roperacers at the time) in the semifinals and finals respectively. In addition to this, DarkOne has won over half the WMDB shopper tournaments he participated in, including several 2v2 shopper tournaments with FFie as well as 2 Walk For Weapons tournaments (one alone and one with FFie).

Worms Resources

Starting off with his own roperace tutorial as well as becoming staff at RRkit. For RRkit most of his work was hosting tournaments, while later on calculating ratings for them, based on player's achievements during tournaments. At the moment of writing, DarkOne has hosted the tournament with the highest amount of players participating: 66. He is currently not active with RRkit.

He joined WMDB when tags were first handed out to maps and has helped FatalFanatic and Enty with hosting WMDB tournaments, though his role was only minor. His reviewing activities were taken over by NAiL who is now the only active reviewer there.

Another project DarkOne helped out with was FFie's single league, called League of Leetness. The league was started because at the time, Cl2K was offline for unknown reasons and no other league was available. Unfortunately, it never got very popular and for some reason attracted attention of a person (or people?) with nothing else to do but sabotaging other people's well intended work.

Later on, he was asked to become staff at First Blood, where he helped handling complaints until FB shut down.

In December 2004, FatalFanatic and DarkOne started off the first Worm Olympics, in which a large amount of tournaments were hosted within a short period of time. The first edition for exmample had a little over 20 tournaments hosted in just 2 weeks, something that had not been done before. Due to positive feedback, this was repeated again in December 2005 (this time running through the entire month) and in July/August 2006. Another attempt was made in the summer of 2007, but unfortunately, that version never really got off the ground due to various reasons.

About half a year after First Blood reopened, DarkOne was once again asked to join the staff, where he first only helped handle complaints. In the final months, DarkOne handled the playoffs (with playoffs finally actually being played).

With TCB opening, DarkOne joined the staff, helping in validating replays. Unfortunately, due to a drop in activity in creating challenges as well as submissions, the site went inactive. TCB is no longer active.

During the second season of XTC, he was asked to handle the play-offs, because of the way the last FB playoffs went. Although he initially accepted to help out, the complete lack of response from XTC staff has led him to change his mind.

Shortly after the activation of cups at TUS, DarkOne was approached by MonkeyIsland to help manage cups, which he accepted to do. Since then, DarkOne's activities at TUS have expanded and he is now a full moderator there.

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