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(Up to People)

Allan West (aka Mr Flump) created the Worms Armageddon scheme editor called Armageditor, which let players change the weapon and game settings. He created the Wormsmart website to host his editor, and included Fudge Boy's SchemeEd on the site.

Soon after the site started, the site focused on a new program from Fudge Boy, called The Fiddler, which was more powerful, and quickly grew in popularity, along with extra staff helping him.

In 2000, when the site was at its peak in popularity, he gradually posted less on the site due to work commitments, though was still around and retained full control of Wormsmart.

After Worms World Party was released, he made the Worms World Party Scheme Editor, which along with saving WWP scheme files also included easter eggs inside the editor.

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