Mad Sheep

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Madsheep.png Mad Sheep
Type: Animal
Keyboard selection: N/A
Standard effects: 85hp injury from sheep (max.), Large crater
Present in: None

The Mad Sheep acts similar to the original walking and jumping Sheep, albeit with red wool and much more aggression and mental imbalance (at least, even more so). Upon pressing the Spacebar (or the Enter key, whilst on a Ninja Rope), the red sheep will be deployed. Like the normal walking/jumping Sheep, it travels in one direction, attempts to hop over any gaps, sometimes turn around when at dead ends, collect crates to the sheep-deployer's team, but will not hop over worms nor can pressing Spacebar/Enter trigger a preemptive explosion.

The first worm the Mad Sheep comes in contact with will be carried with it, via its mouth. Once the Mad Sheep "collects" a worm, it will stop traveling in a fixed straight path and will travel left or right at completely random intervals in seconds, as well as jump at random in the same manner. After 5 seconds of the aforementioned act, the Mad Sheep will finally explode in a ball of fire.


  • This animal is extremely useful in carrying enemy worms to dangerous areas of a map while applying huge blast and fire damage all at once. With any luck, the Mad Sheep can carry an enemy worm into water.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Since the player cannot trigger the Mad Sheep to explode on command, the player has only the random acts of the sheep itself to rely on. This also means that the Mad Sheep can't be used to simply "drop and explode".
  • If a player accidentally causes the Mad Sheep to capture an ally worm, nothing can be done to stop it.
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