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This glitch is only present in Worms 2, and was fixed in the version 1.01 patch.

Standing on top of a worm and dropping a Cluster Bomb or Banana Bomb onto their head would cause all of the clusters to immediately detonate, causing huge damage. A similar trick could be pulled off with the Mortar by standing on a worm's head and firing it directly upwards on an island map, which would cause the mortar to come straight back down to where it was fired and cause the same cluster glitch.

This glitch is not the same thing as placing a Cluster Bomb or Banana Bomb directly underneath an enemy worm, which will also cause all of the clusters to detonate immediately, as this glitch occurred when the weapons were placed above the worm.

Related Patch Notes

From the v1.01 patch notes for Worms 2:

  • Modification to Cluster Code to prevent Cluster Bomb 'abuse'. Fixes problem of Clusters exploding at once, thus killing a Worm in a single go. Works for all cluster-based weapons (Clusters, Banana Bomb, Mortar Etc).
  • It's now impossible to fire the Mortar directly upwards. This is to prevent abuse as exhibited by a number of lily-livered players!
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