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The Ocean release of WormsDC came out in early 1997, shortly before the release of Worms 2. It is believed that only 5,000 copies were sold worldwide.

  • The floppy disks contain no form of copy protection whatsoever, unlike previous Team17 titles which were subjected to rigorous (but ultimately crackable) copy protection.
  • The disk labels are printed directly onto the 3.5" floppy disks themselves - white ink on blue floppies. The design is more or less identical to the original Amiga floppy release of Worms, albeit with the addition of "THE DIRECTORS CUT" printed underneath in a nondescript Helvetica-like font.

This was the last title Ocean published as part of their agreement with Team17. Ocean would later go on to be purchased by Infogrames in 1996.

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