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Des patch
Developer: S*natch, Des, StepS, Pac-Man
Latest version: / 13 July 2020
Supported games: W2
Language: C++
License: Proprietary
Download: Des patch

The Des patch is a result of Des's reverse engineering and extension of the S*natch patch for Worms 2. It provides all the functionality of the original, while adding a number of additional tweaks and improvements.

Due to it storing the patches as an easily modifiable script, StepS and Pac-Man modified it further to extend the available options or resolve issues which appeared through time.

This patch is no longer recommended for screen resolution adjustments, as it can cause desynchronisations in online games. The current recommendation is to use ReSolution.


Version Release Date Description 2007-09-16[1] The final version produced by Des. Fixed Font Extended 2013-12-15 Modification by StepS with more screen resolution options, tweaked Ninja Rope patches, and a more compatible non-bitmap font in the patcher itself. 2020-07-13 Modification by Pac-Man adjusting the "Fix Character/Logon Restrictions and Typing Click" patch to no longer change the behavior of some WinAPI methods on Windows 7 (and possibly earlier) systems which effectively broke fkNetcode. Adds visual styles to the patcher.
  1. The "Product version" field inside the file doesn't match the file name.
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