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This scheme's notability has been put into question.
Unless sufficient examples of this scheme being played online are
provided on the talk page, it may be removed from the Schemes page.
Game setup
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Specially-designed map
1v1 with 4 worms each

Bricks is a simple game relying on the players' accuracy with thrown weapons. The scheme resembles the fort scheme, in that the players (of which there are only two) place their worms on opposite sides of the map. The map is wider than a standard map, and is entirely empty apart from a couple of "floating platforms" on each side. Players put their worms on these platforms, and attack each other with Bazookas, Mortars, Grenades and Cluster Bombs. From this on, the game's goal is simply to drown the other player's worms. The game has no strategy; it involves only the skill of the players with thrown weapons.


Bricks was invented by TSR, and is still known by only a handful of players. When asked about the game, he replied: "The idea is a minimalist fort/long rage target practice kind of thing", which pretty much explains all there is to know.

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