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Worms World Party Aqua icon  Worms World Party Aqua
Worms World Party Aqua title screen
Developer: Mgame
Publishers: Mgame (2003-'06)
Release dates: 2003-'06 (South Korea)
Website: http://www.mgame.com

Worms World Party Aqua was a licensed South Korean Worms 2 modification, developed by Mgame. It is based on their predecessor Online Worms, modifying it to make the game play feel closer to that of Worms World Party.

The development team posted their agenda to update Online Worms as Worms World Party (Online) on 24 December 2002. They planned to add worm customization, but after an extended development time, only male and female worm sprites were added depending on the player's gender, featuring hats or colorful hair respectively.

The launch of the game was planned for February 2003 and further postponed to July, now being named Worms Plus Aqua, focusing the use of underwater graphics to "beat the summer heat of 2003". Team17 eventually declined the new name, concerning it could be mistaken as a new entry in the Western Worms series, and the game was renamed to Worms World Party Aqua.

Closed Beta testing ran between 25 July and 30 July, and the Open Beta started on 1 August 2003.

The game featured 16-bit graphics instead of 256 colors. Many of the weapon changes between Worms 2 and Worms World Party were ported, and additional weapons exclusive to this game match the undersea theme. Training missions and an item shop were added, allowing to purchase specific weapons. Another new feature is a weapon-only drown level which sinks only weapons, but not worms, replacing the water sprites with sand-looking ones.

The servers were eventually shut down on 28 November 2006.

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