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Although the Team17 scheme is primarily a shopping scheme, some players view it as one of the more tactical and strategic game types available.

Team17 games are primarily played on randomly generated dual-layered caverns. Weapon crates drop every turn and may contain super weapons. As dual-layered caverns are usually quite cluttered, crates tend to drop in particular places on the map. This gives rise to 'drop-zones' that players are forced to defend, as by doing so they can be given access to a steady supply of weapons.

Players are given infinite teleports, drills, blowtorches, parachutes and bungees in order to make their way around the level, along with a single ninja rope and a generous supply of girders. Infinite supplies of firepunches and dragonballs are also given as a backup means of attacking your opponent.

Most Team17 games result in Sudden Death occuring, where the water level begins to rise and players are poisoned.

Games generally tend to be very defensive, with players commonly blocking in their opponent's worms with girders, forcing them to waste a turn firepunching or blowtorching their way out. Certain weapons that can be collected are very powerful in certain situations, and can win a game if used correctly. These include homing missiles and aqua sheep during Sudden Death, and banana bombs and ming vases, which can kill a worm outright in the cramped caverns.

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