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Firepunchicon.png Fire Punch
Type: Close Combat
Keyboard selection: F4 (x1)
Standard effects: 30hp damage
Present in: Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 15 hp
12 21
1 24
2 27
3 30
4 33
5 36
19 39
14 45
15 60

The Fire Punch is one of the standard close combat weapons available, and is usually found in infinite supply along with the Prod and Dragon Ball. Upon use, the worm will punch directly upwards, cutting through any land he happens to be directly underneath. The enemy worm will then be knocked in an arc that has more height and less distance than the one created from being hit with the Dragon Ball.


  • The Fire Punch knocks an enemy worm further than a prod, so is more effective at knocking an enemy off of a cliff. It also does base damage, and is more likely to give higher fall damage, making it far more useful than a prod in most situations.
  • The Fire Punch will cut through ground above you, allowing you to hit opponents that are directly above you (usually on a bridge) without running the risk of hurting yourself. It can also be used to create a path for you to travel through if the land is small enough.
  • The Fire Punch can be used in mid-air, so you can gain almost double height by using it at the apex of a backflip jump. However, using it at this height will result in the user obtaining fall damage when he lands, thereby not receiving any retreat time.
  • Using the Low Gravity utility will allow your worm to punch even higher, and using this in conjunction with a backflip will allow you to hit enemies really high above you.
  • You can hit an enemy with a Fire Punch by standing directly on top of them, so a worm backed against a wall can still be hit away from the wall this way.
  • If a worm is correctly trapped above you at the right height, it is possible to hit him two, three or even four times (with low gravity) in a single punch, achieving up to 120 points of damage with one standard power Fire Punch. However, this requires a very specific situation.
  • Fire Punch can collect crates.
  • If used with sufficient speed hitting the edge of a Mine, Fire Punch can throw it far away without triggering it, being possible to blast an enemy with an instant mine. See Erratic proximity polling by a mobile Mine.

The punch of faith!
Happy Feet, WOMBO COMBO!
At the edge with sufficient speed, an instant mine can be punched to an enemy

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • If you are within close range of an enemy worm, it is usually more effective to use a Shotgun, and so cause 50 points of damage rather than 30.
  • If the enemy worm is standing directly at the edge of a small hole, then the Fire Punch may knock him over the hole rather than into it, so the prod is more effective in this case. Similarly, a dragonball will send the enemy further if the landscape is flat.
  • In WormsDC, the game will lock up if the active worm dies while executing a Fire Punch.


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