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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of an Elite game with Dario,
Mablak, c27de and JabbaH; taken from Worm Olympics
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Game setup
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Any randomly-generated open map, though caverns can also be used
4 per team 1v1;
2 per team 2v2
This article is about the Elite scheme. For the last Deathmatch rank, see Deathmatch#Elite.

Elite is a scheme similar to Intermediate, but with much a shorter turn time, and fast flooding at Sudden Death after only 7 minutes of round time. It is often thought to be a highly strategic scheme, both due to the limited time and weapons, and the extra importance of your team's chosen special weapon.


The selection of weapons provided in the Elite scheme is very similar to the Intermediate scheme, with 24 (of the 31) weapons and tools identical in their availability.

Key differences include a highly limited Shotgun (only 3, instead of unlimited), just 2 Ninja Ropes instead of 5, a Supersheep, and unlimited Mole Bombs. Cluster bombs and Mortars are fixed at lower power settings (1 and 2 respectively).


The scheme is typically played without rules, but many players do use the following rule:

  • No rope knocking - players may not knock other worms by releasing their own worm from the Ninja Rope.



Older wormers may remember the fierce debates involving the power settings of the rope. Despite the scheme being based on the old EliteLeague scheme, opinions were divided between rope power 1 (no repeat swings) and power 2 (allowing 1 repeat swing). The majority of the leagues at the time listed the power 2 ropes in their "official" league scheme, though the other variant was allowed if agreed beforehand.

The scheme has featured consistently in competitions, featuring in every year of the Worm Olympics from when it started in 2006 to when it ended in 2016, and in cups and tournaments hosted on The Ultimate Site between 2009 and 2019.

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This article has a to-do list:
  • Add some basic strategies
  • Describe EliteLeague scheme & differences
  • Scheme settings says special weapons aren't enabled, but description implies they are. clarification needed. replay is correct though
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