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Creator: Rioter
Creation date: 15 July 2008
Maintainers: Rioter, NickyNick
Link: http://www.wqdb.org/ (now offline, archive)

WormsQuoteDatabase (also known as WQDB in worms terminology) was originally set up by Rioter in 2008 for wormers to submit quotes. The WQDB was designed to be similar to the global Bash.org Quote Database, but for the use of the Worming community.

Screenshot of the WQDB top quotes page

The features on WQDB were

  • People can submit quotes to the database
  • People can vote up or down a quote
  • People can flag inappropriate quotes
  • There is a page listing the Top Quotes and the Bottom Quotes
  • There is a Latest page, showing recent additions
  • There is a search engine for people to look for keywords

Quotes were from people mainly in #Worms, and imports from First Blood quote thread.

The site was started up by Rioter so that people had a place to submit quotes back in 2008, with a domain purchased not long after. The original WQDB used the freely available RASH Quote System. Later that year, WQDB was rewritten from the ground up to allow custom features to be built.

WQDB was archived on the 12th March 2019. A backup of the archive can be found at https://wqdb.worms2d.info .

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