Worm Strike

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Wormstrikeicon.png Worm Strike
Type: Strike
Keyboard selection: F6 (Unknown)
Standard effects: 25hp Injury (Max.), Worm Death Very Circular Crater (47 px), Explosives from above
Present in: Unreleased

Worm Strike is a weapon that was originally planned by Team17 to be included with Worms Armageddon, but eventually not making it through. However, its object class and behavior still exist in the latest version of the game, allowing modders to reuse the weapon in its integrity. It is an Air Strike-like weapon which uses worms instead of missiles.


  • Worms released via the Worm Strike spring up upon hitting the ground, whereas regular worms don't.
  • This weapon is present in the game, it is disabled by default
  • It is accessible to Project X and are its characteristics and damage
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