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Sw canister 48.png Gas Canister
Type: Droppable canister
Keyboard selection: F5
Standard effects: Poison, 25hp injury (max.), Very small circular crater
Present in: StepS' weapons
Power settings
  • Poison disease power: 5 hp
  • Power is uneditable (yet).
  • Crater diameter: 47 px
  • Maximum injury: 25 hp

Gas Canister is a weapon that was originally planned by Team17 to be included with Worms Armageddon, but eventually not making it through. However, its sprites, object class and behavior still exist in the latest version of the game. Thanks to this, it is available in its integrity in the StepS' weapons library that was made with Project X.


Once fired, a canister will sit for 5 seconds (with an animation similar to that of an Oil Drum), then it will release a flow of gas that will also continue for 5 seconds, and during this time the canister starts to grow just like a Dynamite, finishing with an explosion.


  • The original explosion and fart powers from Team17 are 25 and 5 hp respectively, but in StepS' weapons they are twice more than that since this info was not known at the time of making the library. This could be fixed later.
  • This weapon doesn't have an object limit, thus having a risk to crash the game if repeatedly fired at a quick enough rate.
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