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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Neocombat
match with DumbBongChow and oinky.
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Game setup
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Both open island and cave maps. Also good number of WA and WWE starter design maps work as well.
  • Map size generally works best with regular one, (1920x696), but slightly larger ones works as well especially with many ppl and/or extra worms.
  • If game is played with additional rounds, map should be played on less ploppy ones due to stockpiling.
# of Teams: # of Worms
  • 1v1: 6 for each player
  • 2v2: 4 for each player
  • 2v2v2: 3 for each player
  • 3v3: 3 for each player
  • 3 FFA: 6 for each player
  • 4 FFA: 5 for each player

Neocombat was created out of inspiration from Intermediate and Kaos Normal, but it is still a fairly orginal game. There are no rules in this scheme, and it requires both tactical and various weapon skills while using creativities to play this game well. It has these RubberWorm features: sdet, ldet, wdca, antisink, craterate(5), and cratelimit(15). Antisink is a major part of this scheme as it makes it much harder to drown worms. Worms can be still be plopped if worm gets plopped twice without any pause in motion. Even with antisink, there are still many unique ways to plop worms. Getting crate is not a huge part of this game unlike Kaos because players start out with many different kinds of weapons. There are number of delayed weapons for spawn protection, and the mine fuse time is 3 seconds.

Additional Information

  • Hotseat time is long in this game to allow players to plan a good strategy.
  • There are infinite Fast Walks, so it can be used often.
  • This scheme has two rounds, and weapons are stockpiled after each game.
  • Skunk, Kamakazi, and Mole bomb's power are stronger in this game.
  • Grenade, Banana Bomb, and Mad Cow's power are weaker in this game.
  • Girder, Flamethrower, Petrol Bomb, and Etc. can help plop worms even with antisink.
  • Blow Torch and Pnuematic Drill can be used effectively as both offensive and defensive tool in this game.
  • There are limited number of ninja rope and jetpack, and there're no chance of getting these from crates.
  • Girder can be used to pass obstacles which can help save ninja rope and/or jet pack.
  • Kamakazi can be used without actually suiciding by taking advantage of antisink mechanics.
  • There are various ways to effectively use Handgun and Prod.
  • Teleport and Select Worm can help players devise time efficient strategies.
  • In sudden death, there will be no more weapon crates, and worms cannot be picked freely without using Select Worm from F12 prior to any action at the beginning of turn.
  • Banana Bomb, Axe, Minigun, Kamazaki, Napalm Strike, Baseball Bat, Holy Hand Grenade, Flame Thrower, Petrol Bomb, and Mad Cow have 2 delays.
  • All other weapons have 1 or 0 delays.

(Note that any weapon that started with zero stock in the game won't have delay upon getting crate player did not have any before.)

Replay Tutorial

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A tutorial of Neocombat game with DumbBongChow and DonBoWa
Warning: Having Project X loaded will cause this replay to desynchronize at 5:17.
Download · Info

This replay is to demostrate any helpful hints that can help players play well while not making mistakes that can occur in this game. It also contains number of advanced moves.


June 20, 2011

  • Changes are wdca is now on, and there are no more suicide bombs.
  • Good number of crate probability are changed to further balance this game. Lastly, replay error that occurs in offline or single player has been fixed.

July 9, 2011

  • Changes are crate probability and delay are changed notably.
  • Ratio for weapon and health crate have been altered notably, and the mine fuse is now 3 seconds.

July 30, 2011

  • Bazooka problem in crate has been solved.
  • Crate probability of weapons are changed in very minor amount.

September 11, 2011

  • Some minor ammo and probabiliy have been adjusted.
  • Turn time is reduced to 40.

September 23, 2011

  • Ammo of number of weapons is reduced.
  • Power of Mad Cows is further nerfed.

October 1, 2011

  • Ammo of Pnuematic Drill and Shotgun is reduced to 1.
  • Delay for Pnuematic Drill is raised to 2.


Author: DumbBongChow

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