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Clusters from clustered weapons can spawn past indestructible thin walls if detonated nearby. This affects: Cluster Bomb, Salvation Army, Priceless Ming Vase, Banana Bomb, Super Banana Bomb, and Mortar.

A relatively easy way to reproduce this is with a Super Banana Bomb, since it can be detonated manually near a thin ceiling.

This happens because:

  • Each cluster's collision mask is 7 pixels by 5 pixels.
  • The initial cluster velocity per frame is significantly more than 5 pixels.
  • Each cluster spawns away from the cluster-spawning position of the parent object at a distance equivalent to 1 frame worth of velocity.
  • Collision is not checked between the cluster-spawning position of the parent object and the initial spawn position of the cluster.

Therefore, the parent object creates clusters which appear beyond the nearby indestructible thin wall. The exact number of pixels skipped depends on the initial velocity of the clusters and the proximity that the parent object had to the wall.

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