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Developer: CyberShadow / Deadcode
Supported games: W:A
Download: Not publicly released
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: BRSolver-generated
solution for an unfinished BR by M3ntal
Download · Info

BRSolver is a utility, originally written by CyberShadow then further improved by Deadcode, designed to solve Battle Race maps (mazes which require to get from start to finish only by walking, jumping and sometimes using weapons like firepunch or shotgun) in minimum time. The program is given the map, start and finish coordinates, and/or a helper map to specify special parameters like possible start/finish coordinates and regions where the program may not pass (e.g. obvious shortcuts). It produces a playable Replay file (.WAgame), a text log of the path taken (.txt) and a debug map image which displays the route taken and places the program could reach.

Currently the program is private, and there are no plans to release it. Some replays generated by it were available for purchase (using "gold points") as rewards on The Challenge Base.

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