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icon WormKit
Developer: CyberShadow
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: All versions
Language: Delphi
License: Open-source
Website: thecybershadow.net

WormKit is an extension framework for Worms Armageddon, which consists of a module loader, and a set of modules, each with a different purpose.

There are currently several publicly released WormKit modules, out of which 4 come with the default WormKit distribution. They are:

  • WormNAT2 - allows hosting games even if you're behind a router or firewall;
  • FileOverride - override files from the CD-ROM with your versions;
  • AntiKeyboardHook - stop Worms from disabling Alt+Tab / Win+... keyboard combinations.
  • SoundCardSelect - choose the soundcard W:A should use for sound output.

WormKit was first released on April 5, 2006. Since its release, no significant changes or additions were made to the framework (with the exception of ReplayShark). There was some work on additional modules, including an anti-cheating system (wkWormisign) and a Fiddler-like scripted game engine add-on (wkMagic) - however, none reached a development phase mature enough to be released, and thus the ideas were dropped.


There is a custom WormKit version which doesn't require WormKit.exe to load modules. Read more

Additional modules

Current modules

Name Description For W:A ver. Developer
RubberWorm Extends the W:A physics engine with new options. 3.6.29-31.0 Pisto, Kawoosh
Project X Extends W:A with scripting, custom weapons and DirectX 9 rendering. Entuser
ReplayShark Allows to build a directory of nice moments simply by pressing a button when something cool happens. 3.6.29-31.0 Glide
wkMapGEN A part of MapGEN, allows to generate random PNG maps of a different schemes from the map editor. Plutonic
FkeyRearrange Allows user to redefine weapons order and content for each F hotkey. 3.6.29-31.0 boobl
wkRandomMap Allows you to download random map from WMDB from the map selecting screen (just before playing) All ShadowTheAge
wkPointerScan A pointer scan written specifically for W:A. Helpful in the development of new Wormkit modules. All Pisto
wkColorFix Fixes the color bug on Vista and Windows 7 by suspending an "explorer.exe" process. All CyberShadow
wkIndiMask It allows maps to have both destructable and indestructable areas by embedding data in the palette. Plutonic
wkPathOverride Modifies the registry to use WormKit.exe for URLs (like "wa://") and replay files. All Kawoosh
wkAntiLag A simple module to fix the screen lags while gaming by increasing the WA.exe process priority. All Kawoosh
wkKawooshKick An in-game kicking module, fully compatible with v3.6.31.0, supports the kicking reason. Kawoosh
PXColorPwnage Fixes the Darker team colour scheme when PX is enabled. Kawoosh
wkPrivateCfg Allows you to store all the W:A settings in an INI file instead of registry. Kawoosh
Localizer Allows you to translate W:A fully (frontend, ingame, etc), goes with an editor. Kawoosh
wkKeyRemap A W:A-specific key remapper which doesn't affect chatting and works only in game. Kawoosh
wkRehost Allows you to reopen a lobby of an already played game without quitting W:A and rehosting. Kawoosh
wkVersionCheck An example on C++ to verify the W:A version before hooking code. All Kawoosh
Windowed Mode Allows to run WA in a window, and also fixes the Windows 8 compatibility problems. All menopem, VEG, Kawoosh, StepS
wkSample The example open source module, which shows the development of WormKit modules. All The SCS

Obsolete or incompatible modules

Name Description Supported W:A ver. Developer
JetFix Provides a workaround for the jetpack bug when using BattyRope or TestStuff. Pisto
wKick Allows you to kick people in-game by typing a command in the chat. Works only on the old version. Pisto
wkCinusKick An analog to wKick module for W:A update Cinus
LaserFix A fix for the Laser Sight desynchronization bug in v3.6.29.0, and some nice features. Pisto
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