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This WormKit module is not compatible with the latest W:A update (3.8.1).
Developer: Kawoosh
Latest version: / 9 September 2013
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version:, and
Supported W:A editions: This item is compatible with the CD edition of W:A.  This item is not compatible with the Steam edition of W:A.This item is not compatible with the GOG edition of W:A.
Language: C++
License: Closed source
Download: for (CD)



wkRehost is a WormKit module which allows you to reopen the lobbies of already played games for more players to join without quitting WA and rehosting.

Note that since the update which introduced the /open command, this module is only useful for snooper users as W:A cannot reopen Direct IP games by itself yet. Steam users probably won't need this module.

How it works

You will need a snooper and the Load WormKit modules option (from Advanced Settings) enabled. Put the module into your W:A folder. Play the game. After you have played the match, get back to the initial game lobby, then minimize the game. In the snooper, host a game like you do usually. The second WA.exe process will open and close fast, overriding the Game ID of your current WA.exe, thus allowing more players to join without errors. It is similar to the way it was done until fixed the Game ID bug.

WormNAT2 games cannot be reopened in this way, because they use random ports, so it has to be implemented in the snooper's code. However, this opportunity will be available in the upcoming Kawoosh snooper.

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