Worms named "Jesus" can walk on water

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in WormsDC, naming a worm "JESUS" allows that worm to walk, jump and land on water during its turn. It will not prevent the worm from drowning should it be knocked or fall into the water.

Practical applications

  • Leaving Jesus out in the open may appear to be a huge risk, however opponents may have difficulty picking him off, and as the surface of the water is not considered terrain, missing Jesus will just result in that ammunition being fired directly into the drink.
  • Because WormsDC does not allow the same worm name to be used across multiple teams, only one worm can be named Jesus in the entire game. This provides that team with a huge tactical advantage.
    • To prevent someone from doing this, you can create a dummy team with just one worm on the roster named Jesus. So long as this team is present in the TWTEAMS drawer, no one else will be able to give this name to one of their worms.


  • If God Mode is turned on via the "OMNIPOTENT BLUE WORM" cheat code, all worms in-play receive this ability, along with infinite health.
  • This trick went undiscovered for 21 years before Worms creator Andy Davidson shared it with Squirminator2k during an IM conversation.
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