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Developer: Tester7
Latest version: / 05 Jan 2021
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: 3.8.1
Supported W:A editions: This item is compatible with the CD edition of W:A.  This item is compatible with the Steam edition of W:A.This item is compatible with the GOG edition of W:A.
Language: C++
Website: Github Page
Download: wkPin (31 kB)

This WormKit module allows you to pin the weapon panel, which keeps it open at all times. It can also pin the chat window to a set size. Which prevents it's size changing when opening and closing it. It also allows it to be resized smaller than normally allowed.

How to use it

  1. Ensure that you have the "Load WormKit modules" option from Advanced settings enabled.
  2. Download and copy the wkPin.dll file into your W:A folder.
  3. (Optional) Create a wkPin.ini file and set your desired options.




  • SyncPinnedAndOpenedLines — allows to sync size of opened and pinned chat lines for in-game chat
  • PinWeaponMenuEnable — enables weapon menu pin after pressing Ctrl + Right Mouse Button
  • PinWeaponMenuAtStart — automatically pins weapon menu when new game starts
  • PinWeaponMenuDoNotDim — prevents dimming of weapon menu at end of turn
  • FlashWindowWhenUserJoinsGame — enables window flashing when user joins hosted game even when you are not a host
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