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Developer: Kawoosh
Latest version: 0.2 / 18 August 2010
Supported games: W:A
Language: C++
License: Open-source
Download: wkPathOverride.dll (58.5KB)
Download source (1kb)

This wormkit module modifies the registry to force using WormKit.exe instead of WA.exe for:

  • Replay files (.WAgame) including the custom playback options
  • URLs like "wa://" (e.g. from WebSnoop)

This module has become obsolete since WormKitDS and were released, so WormKit.exe isn't needed anymore.


To use this module first you need to copy it in your WA folder, then just start WormKit.exe and it will modify the registry (silently). That's all. Please don't delete this module because if you start WormKit without having PathOverride, then it will roll back the changes. Also make sure that the default program for ".WAgame" files is Worms Armageddon, and not WormKit.exe, otherwise, you won't see the changes. Some browsers (e.g. Opera, Firefox) can use their own commands for opening "wa://" links. You should use the default values for the "wa" protocol, otherwise it will show you an error that WormKit cannot be started. and issues

By default, the "auto-register associations" is turned off in and, to use the module correctly you have to mark this option once, then just run WormKit as administrator (vista and 7) with the PathOverride and it will modify the registry then.

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