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If you would like to help Worms Armageddon and its community, here's a list of things with which we could use your help!

Spread the word!

Worms Armageddon is still getting updates, runs fine on modern operating systems, and still has a very active community. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to think the opposite. Here are some ideas to help spread the word about W:A:

  • Ask your friends if they remember that Worms Armageddon game from 23 years ago, and tell them it's still alive and kicking!
  • Create a topic about W:A on your favourite gaming forum!
  • Write to your favourite gaming magazine or website!

Contribute to the wiki!

The Worms Knowledge Base needs your help to become the ultimate resource for 2D-Worms information! See what you can do.

Create content!

Maps, soundbanks, and even wormy videos are just some of the things you could put your artistic talent to work on.

Help with translation!

You can help making the game more accessible to the people of your land! Find out more about how you can help with localisation.

Help other users!

There's a #Help channel on WormNET - unfortunately, not many people can afford the time to keep an eye on it all the time. If you spend a lot of time at your computer and don't mind being distracted periodically to answer questions, you're welcome to do just that in #Help. Please read the Help channel guide before getting started.

Help with 3rd-party projects!

If you are a programmer, check out the Community software ideas page.

Proof-read the original game manual!

The next Beta version will contain an errata of the bloops contained in the original game manual. You can help by spotting more errors and providing corrections, by adding them to this list.

The above-mentioned beta is already out, but if you can find more errors, let us know!

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