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icon Water Color Editor
Water Color Editor screenshot
Developer: CyberShadow
Latest version: 1.1 / 24 May 2006
Supported games: W:A
Language: Delphi
License: Open-source
Website: thecybershadow.net
Download: watercolor.zip (580 kb)

The Water Color Editor allows users to edit the Water.dir file to change the existing color of the water in W:A. It requires WormKit and its wkFileOverride module to work. The user needs to create the folder "Worms Armageddon\Data\Water\Blue" in their WA directory. They then run the Water Color Editor, generate a Water.dir file, and save it to that folder.A known issue is when you save it and close it it will say "incorrect checksum" but dont worry it doesn't break water.dir

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