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Amiga and Amiga CD32

Worms: The Director's Cut

In WormsDC, teams are stored as individual files containing the names and stats of up to eight worms on the team (four for the A-TEAM, four for the B-TEAM). The team name can be no longer than 8 characters in length, and is identical to the file name, which has no extension. They are stored in the "TWTEAMS" drawer. The upper limit for teams in Worms was 16. This limit has been removed from WormsDC.

Despite adding options to differentiate between Worms on different teams, WormsDC does not allow more than one Worm to have the same name, regardless of team. This means, for example, that you can't have a Worm named "JERRY" in a team called "SEINFELD" and another in a team called "ICECREAM".

WormsDC teams have two "groups" - an A-TEAM and a B-TEAM, both containing a maximum of four worms. This allows for a total of eight Worms on a team, however as the game still has a cap of four worms per team in game this is only really useful as a substitute team. You do not need to name all four Worms on a team - by leaving names blank you can have teams with one, two or three worms on it.

WormsDC team files store the team's starting health. Each team has its own health value, meaning teams with different starting health levels can play against each other. It also stores CPU difficulty.

As WormsDC does not have a built-in function to delete or remove teams from the game, this must be done by deleting the team manually via Workbench or AmigaDOS.

If playing via emulation, older versions of WinUAE may experience problems as the Amiga is capable of supporting some non-standard characters in its filename, which can result in a loss of team data. The most recent versions get around this by giving the file a name using the format "__uae___{teamname}", which is then parsed by WinUAE as the appropriate filename when viewed in Workbench. Note that moving this file within Windows can result in the team name being altered in WormsDC, so it becomes necessary to go back and rename the team from within the game if this occurs.

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