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icon TeamED
TeamED screenshot
Developer: Annelid
Latest version: v1.03 / 20 June, 2003
Supported games: W:A, WWP
Language: Visual Basic 6.0
License: Closed source
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TeamED is the first and only team file editor for W:A and WWP. It allows players to edit any part of a W:A or WWP team, including sections of the team file which are not editable by W:A's and WWP's internal team editors. It was written by Annelid in 2003. Some of its features are a little buggy, like the training-best-times-editing feature, which often does not write the correct user-defined time into the team file, but the main features all work properly.

Since the data for cheats unlocked in Worms Armageddon is stored in the team file, TeamED made cheat-unlocking programs such as Full Wormage Unlocker and WACE obsolete due to its full team-editing ability.


TeamED originally had a different name, layout, and purpose in its early stages of development. Annelid had given it the unusual name Buttfats & Parsnips and intended it to only work with W:A team files. He decided to include WWP support into the program after noting how similiar W:A and WWP team files were to each other. He chose to redesign the layout of the program because of a misunderstanding that developed when an untrustable individual leaked him a version of EthoCryptic's never released TeamEddy program. This, in the end, worked out to be for everyone's benefit. The new design for TeamED was much better and it incorporated many snazzy features that TeamEddy had.

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