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icon T17 Snooper
T17 Snooper screenshot
Developer: Martin Randall
Latest version: v1.0.0.1 / 26 July, 1999
Supported games: W:A
License: Closed source
Website: [1]
Download: wa_setupsnooper.exe (1.0 mb)

This is Team17's original snooper. Now defunct, it has only a historical value. Some of its features were:

  • viewing the list of people online, and messaging them
  • logging of people joining/quitting WormNET
  • an address book, which allowed to specify a list of contacts for which an alert will be displayed when they come online
  • the ability to send e-mail directly to contacts
  • away modes, etc.

Note that the snooper didn't allow viewing and participating in channel chat (this was done to save bandwidth).

The snooper become unfunctional when ranks/logins were removed, due to hacking. It has since been superseeded by other snoopers, such as Annelid's Super Snooper.

Another screenshot
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