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A short range weapon, similar to that of the Dragon Ball but not quite as far a range. Your worm is armed with a tazer that can deliver a nasty electrical shock to any unfortunate enemy standing near enough. Aiming exactly at the target isn't necessary, the spark produced can 'curve' slightly towards an object or worm. But watch out: it will prefer to attack a mine or barrel if one is in range and near the line of aim, blowing it up instantly if it does. If a worm or object isn't nearby, the spark will be shot straight forward and hit nothing.

The electrocuted worm then recieves a good deal of health loss and also jumps up in a similar manner to when Fire Punched, only nearer to a vertical line.

A popular alternative version of this weapon allows it to be fired through land unhindered, and even "jump" across successive objects like a chain of mines or barrels or other objects (without blowing them up).

When fired, the computer must decide what the electrical discharge must hit. This will take range and aim into consideration of course, but if an object like a barrel or mine is in range the computer must calculate the angles involved and choose which one the electric spark will go for. The alternative version, which allows it to be fired through land, should make it far easier to program as all land can be ignored. The option for the spark to 'jump' from object to object in a chain reaction should require little more than calculating more range circles around each barrel or mine, and determining whether another object is in range for the spark to jump again.

This weapon has many strategical applications. Its ability to fire through terrain makes it a good anti-darkside weapon, providing the enemy is close to the surface. Equally, a darksider will find it useful to attack the enemy from inside his cavern, as the weapon will not damage the landscape and expose him, like other weapons might.

It is not often that mines and barrels are found in row for the second application of this weapon, the ability for the spark to jump over long distances using the objects as checkpoints, to be useful. Yet, a single object effectively doubles its range, and so the power of this weapon can be maginified by other things in the game, making it very versatile.

The ability for this weapon to cause the enemy to 'jump' up in a particular fashion can also be harnessed to obtain the most efficient, deadliest shot.

Worms needs an electrical weapon. So far, nothing comes near to being electrical. Even something as simple to program as the Lightning Strike would be a welcome addition, but this weapon, having so many different tactical uses, would be a much more suitable candidate.

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