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I think the Frisbee would be more unique if it could be thrown from worm to worm within a your team (possibly including allies). If the weapon hits a friendly worm, control should be passed to that worm for the next throw to be performed. The timer should continue to count down while a worm is holding the Frisbee but remain frozen while in the air.

Even if it is possible to make the Frisbee passing work, there could be problems when the Frisbee hits 2 worms (one allied, one axis) sharing space to the pixel. Would the Frisbee be caught, deal damage or both; if damage was dealt would it hurt both worms? Also with the timer being interrupted like this, in extreme cases of millisecond-to-spare shots, would hitting an enemy cause the timer to run out, nullifying any retreat time?

I have thought about this idea a bit. I like it! :)


The passing doesn't feel like Worms, just like the 1-only-idea for the Boomerang...
It's a non-damaging, gravity-affecting arrow, it "sucks"... or similar.
But it's still unique in it's own way.
Even if two weapons are similar, but one weaker, they still doesn't share ammo.
Should you use the weaker now, or take the stronger now?
Liggliluff 09:51, 2 April 2013 (CEST)
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