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Filename Transcription Notes
Amazing Woooow! Amazing shot.
Boring ehhh ehhsh fff The sound of a yawn followed by sucking air in.
Brilliant Incredible! r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r The sound made at the end is a repeated trill to sound silly.
Bummer uhoohooh uhuhoo *sniff* oo uhuhoh nohohoho Crying sound.
Bungee Aaiiee!
ByeBye So long now!
Collect *click* Goodies!
ComeOnThen Come on then!
Coward Yellowbelly.
DragonPunch Take that!
Drop Reinforcements have arrived!
Excellent Woooo! Success!
Fatality Benny! Uhuhuhguhguh hyuck huhuhuh eech Most likely the British slang Benny which comes from the name of a TV character.
Fire Attack! Ohoho.
FireBall Catch this!
FirstBlood I... I... I got one. Followed by a wheezing sound.
Flawless Piece o' cake.
GoAway Don't pick on me.
Grenade Oh no.
Hello Dewey.
Hurry Get on with it.
IllGetYou Uh try someone else. Haha.
Incoming Tally-ho!
Jump1 hip
Jump2 hip
JustYouWait Hey! Uh just you wait.
Kamikaze For king and country.
Laugh uhahaho
LeaveMeAlone Oh leave me alone.
Missed Hah! Ya missed! r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r Exact same repeated trill sound as used in Brilliant.
Nooo Aaaaaaaaaaoo!
OhDear See ya.
OiNutter Oi! Nu'er! "Nutter" pronounced with a glottal stop.
Ooff1 oof
Ooff2 hyuh
Ooff3 geha
Ow1 owwp
Ow2 Ow!
Ow3 ooh ai
Oops Whoops.
Orders Come in, big bird.
Ouch Yow!
Perfect Perfect.
Revenge Woohoo! I got ya back.
RunAway Help!
Stupid What you doing?
TakeCover Here she comes.
Traitor Scum!
Uh-oh Uh oh!
Victory That was easy!
WatchThis Watch this!
WhatThe Eh. Oh boy.
YesSir Yes sir.
YoullRegretThat Just you wait!
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