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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Sheeper game
with BOWxANDxCLUSTER, Konar6, ShadowTheAge and Cristi
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Sheeper is a fast-paced RubberWorm scheme, created by BOWxANDxCLUSTER, where the crate collecting job is left only to... sheep! In this scheme, worms cannot collect crates by themselves: players are equipped with infinite Aqua sheep for this task. However, those sheep's power level is set to such value, that they doesn't cause any damage, their only object is really just collecting crates.

The scheme utilizes RubberWorm features 'shot doesn't end turn' (aka multishot) and 'crateshower', and thus requires quick thinking and decisions. In an ideal turn, you should collect crates, do as many damage to opponents as possible and hide to some safe place on the map.

Apart from harmless sheep, player's inventory includes fast walk, low gravity, rope, parachute, bungee and teleport (yes, as you might have noticed, with infinite teleport and 'multishot', the rest of moving utilities at F8 slot is not very useful and is intentionally in the inventory rather for making a jumble in your quick teleportation attempts).

In every turn, players are required to collect at least 1 crate before they may attack.

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