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Ropers of Honor (RoH), is a Worms Armageddon clan, founded by Darkmaul in March, 2007. Not long after, clan moved from Worms: World Party to Worms Armageddon due to the inactivity of WWP. Darkmaul retired from the leadership role in March, 2009, due to inactivity. The leader role was replaced by co-leader Wormiverse and cHAKKmAN took the co-leader role.

Soon, Darkmaul returned to worms, retaking the leadership of the clan. The rest of the ranks remained unchanged, until 2010, when cHAKKmAN retired from the CO-leader.

Despite its name, RoH is an all-around clan, focusing on roping as much as ground based schemes. Over the years, members of the clan have participated in numerous leagues and tourneys, playing competitively and taking active parts in community's life.

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