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  • Server
    • The community WormNET server (henceforth, will be the "main" WormNET server.
    • Services such as HostingBuddy and WormNAT2 will no longer be available via Team17's legacy WormNET server.
    • Users connecting to Team17's WormNET will be guided towards the server.
    • The server will be accessible in-game through the usual means, and also online on
  • Accounts
    • The WormNET server will track user accounts.
    • WormNET will not have its own authentication method (i.e. it will not store or request passwords). Instead, authentication will be delegated to a third-party platform/identity, such as Steam, GOG Galaxy, TUS, Discord, etc.
    • One WormNET account can be tied to one or more third-party identities (i.e. you can connect your Steam and Discord account).
    • The next version of the game will negotiate authentication capability and authenticate users to the WormNET server. For Steam / GOG Galaxy users, this should be transparent. Other authentication methods (using other third-party identity providers) will be supported.
    • Authentication will remain optional, but interactions between authenticated and non-authenticated connections may be restricted. (Exact rules are subject to change in the future, depending on impact)
  • Connectivity
    • The next version of the game will negotiate and enable-by-default WormNAT2-like reverse proxying with the WormNET server. This will allow everyone to host without setting anything up, and will protect their real IP address.
    • will allow you to read and send messages to WormNET channels as your own account.
  • Discord
    • Most likely, a new Discord server will be created in order to allow Discord users to interact with WormNET.
    • The Discord server will require meeting some high standard of validation to prevent abuse and lessen moderation pressure (e.g. either use Discord's phone number linking/verification, or link an existing WormNET account which is already linked to some proof-of-purchase for the game itself). Exact details TBD.
    • The WormNET server will be bridged directly to Discord (i.e. without needing to use a third-party bot).
  • Ranks
    • The WormNET server will display ranks for authenticated users.
    • Ranks will be tied to community-run competitive-play websites (e.g. TUS).
    • Custom ranks support.
    • No first-party ranked play for now.
  • TUS
    • In-depth WormNET (accounts, ranks, etc.) and TUS integration, details TBA.
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