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Wikipedia says the following: "A railgun is an electrically powered electromagnetic projectile launcher based on similar principles to the homopolar motor. A railgun comprises a pair of parallel conducting rails, along which a sliding armature is accelerated by the electromagnetic effects of a current that flows down one rail, into the armature and then back along the other rail."

The worms railgun would be aimed like the shotgun, and it would fire a single bullet at supersonic speed. This bullet would travel in a straight line through everything, ultimately disappearing off the screen. Any barrels struck would explode, and any mines struck would be knocked as by arrows. Any worms struck would suffer a fixed loss of HP, which would be determined by the power setting; for example, 50 by default, 30 and 10 for reduced power, 70 and 90 for increased power.

Graphically, no bullet would actually be drawn, due to it moving so fast! Instead, a perfectly straight, very narrow tunnel would be made through the terrain, and a loud boom would sound upon firing. And this tunnel would be wide enough to permit animals, but not worms or grenades.

The railgun, like the proposed gamma gun, would be a good weapon both for and against darksiders. It would allow damage to be done from any place or distance - with good aiming required - and it would also create paths for animals. As well as the exact damage done, the number of bullets would have to be decided.

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