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Upon activation of this utility, your worm dons a Protective Suit, and henceforth is protected from putrid poisons, rampant Radiation Bomb without needing to escape. Your worm continues to wear the Protective Suit until his next turn, providing further protection should enemy players attempt to use biological or radioactive weapons.

Because this weapon would involve clothing, and therefore a sprite for the worm in question, it would have to take off the Protective Suit to use any other weapon. This may mean that extra animations would have to be done for several other weapons, if they are used while this utility is selected. Every possible worm animation would have to be re-drawn, with a Protective Suit, to ensure that this weapon would work and look right at the same time.

Enabling the Protective Suit to protect your worm from recieving doses of poison, radiation or stings from aggressive bees, however, shouldn't be a problem.

As a gas mask, the Protective Suit would act as more of a deterrant than a protection, as opponents won't use poison weapon on you if they know you won't be harmed by them. They would simply save their weapons and wait until the Protective Suit was removed. This tool also removes some of the strategy in the game when using the skunk, as it is the unpredictability of the skunk and the risk of poisoning yourself that makes them a skilful and strategically controversial weapon.

This utility however balances things out when it comes to the Beehive weapon. The Beehive is virtually impenetrable but the Protective Suit allows your worm to walk near a Beehive unhindered, perhaps destroy it to prevent further disruption from the bees.

It would be equally useful for moving through regions contaminated with radiation left by the Radiation Bomb, as radiation can result in the loss of a lot of health. This feature however, removes some of the strategy which the Radiation Bomb creates.

In today's modern world, with biological terror all the rage, the Protective Suit being a combination of a gas mask and radioactive suit would make a topical addition to Worms. But it's ability to remove some of the skill and strategy, however minimal, makes it a debatable candidate.

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