Platinum Donkey

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This weapon is like the Anvil, only with a bit more kick to it.

Shaped just like the Concrete Donkey, only more than half the size and a lot more shiny, this weapon is thrown by hand. When it comes into contact with any surface, a massive explosion occurs, propelling the Platinum Donkey and any worms that might be in the way of the explosion.

The Platinum Donkey continues to cause such chaos for thirty seconds, whereas it will explode to the power of two Holy Hand Grenades, or until it falls into the water.

Programming for this weapon might be tough, considering the Donkey having to bounce in harmony of the explosions it causes. This weapon is the kind that has a one-in-forty chance of being obtained from a crate, considering it's dangerously powerful aspect, there won't be much of a terrain left to tear up when this bad boy is deployed.

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