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WormNet Name: Noodles
Real Name: Ian
D.O.B: 25/03/1986


Long standing member of Whacky Wild Wormers "Just to keep the clan, if it can be called that, active along with a couple of others"

Also former CL2K admin, who was in charge of moderating the Divison 2 (and later Division 1 due to AWOL's), as well as moderating the forums (though he was too lazy to actually do this)

Quit around 2006 due to not having a computer anymore, came back in 2007 under the name "Noodles". Rarely seem on WormNet as most games are now pre-arranged, and also the fact that most of the players he knew have quit.

Run is his eternal rival

Schemes Played

  • EliteLeague
  • Team17
  • BnG
  • Hysteria
  • Other non-rope games
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