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(Up to People)

MrE is by far the most intresting person of the whole WormNet. His best move is to state something, and when the time is right to rightout deny the fact that he ever said such a thing, he does this so often that no one realy knows anything about him.

Random person: Hey MrE
MrE: Poo Poo.
Random person: About the things you told me yesterday..
MrE: What things?
Random person: Well, you know, about the cat you killed.
MrE: Have I?
MrE: I don't think that I have ever done such a thing, I dont even know you.
MrE: Where am I?
Random person: ???

That was an example of an average convo with MrE, you are better off to never talking to him. There are also theories that the only reason he does this, is not because he is the evil person he claims to be, it's simply amnesia. He also doesn't lie about himself, whoever claims this just doesn't understand that he is not aware of his situation.

Another big part of his life is hacking. As a big fan of the g00ns he tries to get their attention by showing off his awesome hackzorixm skills:

  1. He tries to get the attention of his prey.
  2. He lays out the bait. (it's always a program that claims to offer hacks for W:A, always)
  3. When his prey is interested in the bait it's all over already and things take their natural run.
  4. The prey starts the program.
  5. Hack executed.
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