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MilesPrower is a 13 years old boy, born in March 31st, 2008, known in BlameThePixel* and in Worms Armageddon WormNET. He is in Quebec, Canada. To this date, his urine has filled many, many water sources in michigan thanks to the deal between Canada and Michigan.

His history

MilesPrower chose the first time his name because he was a Sonic the Hedgehog fan (March 2006). In fact, Miles "Tails" Prower is the little 8 years old fox in Sonic games that is annoying as all bloody hell, first time appeared in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for Sega Genesis. But that's off topic. The first time he chose his name, it was in a WormNet match. Like every noob, he didn't know how do WormNet works. But the days go by and he learned how it works. Now he is a nice WA roper, playing shoppers and tower races, intermediates and all kinds of games. Your experience may differ.

MilesPrower joined BTP January 5th, 2008. The first time he visited BTP, he was looking for a Tower Race map. So he felt on SouthX's profile(noticably the lower regions). When he saw the first picture, he went away, hoping he'll never come back again. One day, he was playing a new kind of game with other people. DiePie. So a player told him about Blame The Pixel. MilesPrower visited, and discovered it was the same website he saw 1 hour ago. Fearful of being abused, he finally decided to join. Now he is one of the most BTP active users, much to the chagrin of the rest of the community.

His BTP friends

  • Pac-Man
  • ThexDarksider
  • j.o.vallee
  • rioter
  • His mom
  • Zombie Jesus
  • And many other ones... ?(Unlikely at this time)

Some interesting stuffs

  • MilesPrower was banned 7 times in one day (June 15th, 2008) from BTP without reason. Maybe a crazy stuff with C1.
  • The first question to the Pixel then he asked was: "Because why?" The Pixel guessed it was Pac-Man who asked that.
  • His first (P)roper excuse is "My dog pissed on my PC". He didn't find it alone. A big thanks to blackzero, his brother. Blackzero was later found in an allyway, pissing on MilesPrower's PC.
  • MilesPrower sorted and resend the BTP Mega Map Pack to Blame The Pixel.
  • He explained (with a bit of Google help and Worms2D help) how to join his DirectIP games.
  • He teached to A noob how to rope via WN (It was really hard). The noob was found face-up in the water around IRuleTheRoost
  • He is, until now, the youngest/most annoying user/player in Blame The Pixel and WormNET.**
  • MilesPrower created the first "Sonic Speech" for WA, WWP and W2. It is his best creation, he says.
  • MilesPrower's mom's driver's liscense was found in the lining of my jeans. I'll give it back, but it'll be $50 plus tax.
  • He discovered a bug in the deleteuser.php script on BTP which allowed basically everyone to delete users (even if the returned message said that required rights were missing).
    • Instead of reporting the bug to an administrator of that page to fix it, he told Pac-Man about it. Discussed on MSN Messenger, they planned to delete all users on that site by writing a script for this.
    • It turned out to be an ugly VB.NET program which used a WebBrowser control to load the malicious URL, and was executed through a proxy on 14th September 2008, a Sunday. Due to Pac-Man's limited programming knowledge back then, a bug caused only every second user to be deleted (as the WebBrowser control loaded two frames for every completed document, increasing the counter by two before sending another request).
    • Some users were manually deleted after it was discovered that re-registering under their name gave access to all their private messages and their rights (which were not deleted or reset together with the user), so they were of biggest interest. Other users were deleted because they were just annoying (like SouthX). The deletion of the special default user caused no CSS design to be sent to any user who did not change to another one and made the website look even more crap than it normally did.
    • Luckily, the administrator Pioneer322 was active at that time and could eventually stop the havoc after more than 4000 users (about 50%) were already deleted.
    • However, due to bad backup planning, in the morning of the next day, a regular Monday backup was made which trashed the old one. This caused the last backup which still had the deleted users to be lost.
    • The exploiter was quickly found as the first test of Pac-Man to abuse the bug (in which he deleted the user with the ID of 4000) did not use a proxy and revealed a matching IP address.
    • As the aftermath, deleteuser.php was replaced with a script just echoing "Disabled". Pac-Man was banned with the subtitle "Pariah" after MilesPrower accused him of doing it all on his own. Another aftermath is the realization that Pac-Man is a prick. A news article was written to inform users to re-register.

Some ways to contact him

Please see in his BTP profile.

  • Inactive there since September 7th, 2008
    • Edit by ropa: There are younger players than this guy on WormNet, or so said kids claim.
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