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(Up to People)

Robert "Geeno" Geen was born and raised in the notorious Wynnefield estate of West Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.
Roberts father died early on in his childhood and were it not for the help and Support of MOVE and John Africa the Geen family would have succumbed to poverty and surely starvation. The Geens adopted MOVEs way of life, using no electricity, growing their hair into dreadlocks, eating soap and attending demonstrations against "the man".

In an attempt to enforce outstanding arrest warrants in 1985 the Philadelphia Police Department satchel bombed the houses of known MOVE members, including the Geen household. Geenos mother, fearing for her son’s safety, arranged for him to be sent to live with relatives in Los Angeles, California, while she would stay behind to fight the power.
Geeno begged and pleaded to remain with his mother for days on end but she remained resolute, Geeno finally accepted her decision and thought that he might as well kick it.

Thanks to a hastily arranged charity carwash by MOVE Geeno left West Philly in style, first class, yo' this is bad, and while maxin', relaxin' and drinking fruit juice from champagne glasses pondered on what life with his relatives would be like, recalling childhood tales of his prissy bourgeois uncle he wondered if it was the right kind of place to send this cool cat. But he decided that, as he was beginning a new life, he should abandon his preconceptions.

On arriving at the airport Geeno mistook the limousine driver sent to pick him up as a police officer and, fearing that his troubled past had followed him to L.A, sprang with the quickness like lightening and disappeared. Fleeing the airport, Geeno commandeered a taxi and after a long and uncomfortable journey finally arrived at 805 St. Cloud Road to sit on his throne as the prince of Bel Air.

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