Ozone Hole

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Concept image

A pair of sun-glasses is all this worm has to wear to summon the effects of Global Warming (I can see an inevitable pun already emerging from that, with a strategically replaced letter) and once selected, the player can choose a near-vertical downward-pointing direction, adjusted with the Right and Left arrow keys, to fine-tune his strike.

This strike is map-wide. The terrain lights up in intolerable ultra-violet radiation from the heavens, severely damaging all worms out in the open. Any worm buried deep below ground is safe, as is any worm sheltered by an overhang of land. In fact, the only worms that suffer are those in direct line of sight of the sun. The weapon has no other effects.

This weapon need only make very simple calculations, then dish out damage where it's due. A map-wide brightening animation, and individual animations for affected worms, would dramatise the situation.

This weapon has the clear potential to cause mass worm damage. Its ability to strike any exposed worm with an unescapable defined amount of damage makes it a formidable threat. But don't show it off; the Ozone Hole is ludicrously easy to hide from. Then again, maybe you won't be so fortunate under that overhang: the player's ability to slightly aim the weapon, as if he were moving the sun itself, will ensure that simply being directly beneath a lump of land is not enough.

This weapon is unique in that it causes no terrain damage, yet catastrophic health loss if used correctly. Yet despite that still, it can be avoided completely with virtually no hassle. Its uniqueness, and its relation to current world affairs, is surely more than enough to secure this weapon a place in Worms.

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