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Unlike your standard teleport, this device allows you to select an object anywhere it may be on the map, and have it teleported somewhere else. You can teleport mines, crates, barrels, Bunkers with this weapon, and even worms on your team, but you cannot teleport enemy worms for obvious reasons. Furthermore, you don't lose your turn using this tool.

This would require little more than a few new animations for each object being teleported. The programming would be easy.

There are some obvious advantages to having this weapon and many more strategical uses to it depending on the situation. Crates could be teleported straight to your worm, which may be a better choice if teleporting to the crate left you in dangerous territory.

Teleporting a barrel may at first seem pointless, yet it has many cunning potentials. For a start, you may want to teleport it directly next to an enemy for a bigger bang when you shoot him, or if that's not feasable, teleport it to a position where it will rain fire on your enemy on detonation. Better yet, block the worm in that tunnel by teleporting a barrel inside; unless he wants to use a turn by blowing it up or teleporting he's not getting out. You could even use it in the less obvious situations such as needing that extra bit of height to jump onto that ledge: a barrel makes a good stepladder.

Teleporting a mine can be even more useful. You may wish to teleport it directly to the enemy to deal damage or knock him into a vunerable position. Since you won't lose your turn, using a mine in this way allows your next shot to be given an extra advantage, for example the enemy might be in an easier-to-shoot position or in a place where your shot can do more damage. Or perhaps you may just want to teleport a mine to stop the enemy progressing through a tunnel during his turn, or you may just want to move it out of the way.

Teleporting one of your own worms and not losing your turn has a further advantage; you could teleport a strong worm into enemy territory, worm-select to command him, and then create carnage without the enemy ever being able to do anything about it.

Teleporting a Bunker from an inactive area may be useful if you need somewhere safe to retreat to after fighting on the front line, but you wouldn't be able to teleport a Bunker with enemy worms in for obvious reasons.

Perhaps the most powerful use for this weapon is in teleporting an Anvil or Bowling Ball to a great altitude above an enemy worm, dealing easy and devastating damage to him.

The Object Teleport is a simple yet powerful weapon, having many strategical uses. It's effect could be considered cheap as you are not putting yourself in any danger as such when using it, and should be considered a super weapon, but unlike some super weapons this isn't just a blind "cause chaos" weapon and requires thought into when and where, and how, it should be used.

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