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Thanks to the Replay feature introduced by the WA Updates, some players are recording their mission attempts to show how some missions can be completed in record times with the use of ingenius methods or mesmerising skill. Below is a table of these "world records". Click the links to download the replays.

If you have a replay in which you completed a mission in a record time or record number of turns, please send it to CyberShadow (or a WKB SysOp) with your WormNET nickname so that we can upload it here.

"replays" directory
(contains archived speedruns)
Unassisted speedruns Tool-assisted speedruns
# Mission Record holder Method credit Turns Time Record holder Method credit Turns Time
01 Pumpkin Problems Nonentity Lex, BarmaN, Deadcode, Nonentity 1 6.20 Lex+Deadcode Lex, Deadcode, BarmaN 1 3.82
02 Operation Market Garden Mablak c0o1, Mablak 3 5.16 Lex Lex 2 0.00
03 All Quiet in the Library Mablak ChuCha, Mablak 3 15.28 Lex c0o1, Deadcode, Lex 3 5.28
04 Cool as Ice ChuCha Run, Deadcode 1 1.46[1] Wyvern Run, Deadcode 1 1.18[1]
05 Do the Locomotion Alex13 c0o1 2 30.60 Deadcode c0o1, Deadcode 2 20.80
Lex M3ntal, Deadcode, Lex 2 3.56[2]
06 Sand in Your Eye ChuCha c0o1 3 32.72 Wyvern c0o1, Wyvern 3 10.74
07 Not Mushroom Out There Deadcode Deadcode, Quasi Qubit 1 6.74 Deadcode Deadcode 1 0.54
08 Big Shot SpideR zippeurfou, SpideR 2 42.06 Wyvern Wyvern 2 23.68
09 Water Surprise Nekton Deadcode, Bloopy, Nekton 3 40.36 Deadcode Deadcode, Bloopy 3 15.44
Deadcode Deadcode 3 12.34[3]
10 Jurassic Worm Lex M3ntal, Lex 1 3.72[4] Deadcode M3ntal, Deadcode 1 2.62
11 Chemical Warfare Mablak Lex, Mablak 5 21.48 Lex Lex 5 9.34
12 No Substitute Lex c0o1, Lex, Deadcode 2 5.46 Deadcode c0o1, Deadcode 2 2.06
13 Who Left the Flood-Gates Open KINOMAN c0o1 5 56.44 Deadcode c0o1, Deadcode 5 0.68
14 Super Sheep to the Rescue! c0o1 Deadcode 1 4.04 Deadcode Deadcode 1 3.18
15 Hot Stuff KINOMAN Lex, Deadcode 1 14.22 Deadcode Deadcode 1 2.68
16 Trouble on Mount Wormore Mr.Bad Deadcode 1 12.02 Wyvern Deadcode, Wyvern 1 7.38
17 Chateau Assassin Wyvern Wyvern, Lex 2 29.00 Lex Deadcode, Lex 1 14.48
18 Rescue Agent Dennis Mr.Bad Sprek, Djoszee, Lex, Wyvern 3 6.20 Lex Lex 3 0.02
19 Horny Nuke Wyvern Sprek, Lex, Wyvern 5 41.30 Deadcode Sprek, Lex, Deadcode 4 9.38
20 Rumble in the Farmyard Mr.Bad c0o1, Face 4 20.84 Deadcode c0o1, Deadcode 4 10.50
21 Wooden Ambush Mablak c0o1, Mablak 3 16.44 Deadcode c0o1, Deadcode 2 11.30
22 Go Bananas Lex Deadcode 2 6.94 Deadcode Deadcode 2 5.30
Lex Deadcode, Lex 2 2.48[5]
23 The Drop Zone Mablak Mablak 2 10.54 Deadcode Mablak 2 3.76[6]
Lex Lex 2 3.14
24 Countdown to Armageddon KINOMAN c0o1, Lex, Mr.Bad, KINOMAN 3 1.26 Lex Lex 2[7] 3.42
25 Mars Star KINOMAN M3ntal, Deadcode, SpideR 1 3.54 Deadcode M3ntal, Deadcode, SpideR 1 3.04
Lex Deadcode, Lex 1 1.98[8]
26 Mad Cows Wyvern Lex, Wyvern 3 7.00 Lex Deadcode, Lex 3 0.14[9]
26 Mad Cows (with bug)[10] c0o1 c0o1 2 28.68
27 Bazooka on the Rocks Mr.Bad Deadcode, Lex 2 0.00 Lex Deadcode, Lex 2 0.00
28 Stolen Goods Mr.Bad c0o1 2 12.88 Wyvern c0o1, Deadcode, Lex 2 6.28
29 Sinking Icecap Mablak c0o1, Mablak 2 13.06 Deadcode and Lex c0o1, Deadcode, Lex 2 6.78
30 Aim Long, Aim True c0o1 c0o1 4 12.04 Deadcode c0o1, Deadcode 3 0.10
31 Goody Two-Shoes Lex Lex, Deadcode 3 15.70 Lex Deadcode, Lex 3 7.80
32 Trouble in the Toy Store KINOMAN Face 4 35.86 Lex Lex 4 3.24
33 Spectral Recovery Mr.Bad M3ntal, BarmaN, Mr.Bad 9 [11] 1.94 Lex Deadcode, Lex 7 [11] 6.20


  1. 1.0 1.1 In both replays, a parachute is deployed to skip the landing animation, enabling the uzi to be fired 0.36 seconds earlier. The unassisted record beats Deadcode's old tool-assisted record, which had a time of 1.56 seconds.
  2. The second tool-assisted replay is thought to be humanly impossible, because it requires a girder to be placed instantly to avoid losing momentum on the bungee.
  3. The second replay involves a carefully-timed backflip through a mine's trigger-area (which the mine checks every 0.2 seconds), a task impossible for a human to judge. However, it is possible on luck alone. Also, avoiding this mine without passing through the trigger-area hasn't been ruled out beyond doubt yet.
  4. Interesting note: The current unassisted record is faster than Deadcode's first tool-assisted record of 4.22 seconds.
  5. The second tool-assisted replay is thought to be humanly impossible.
  6. This tool-assisted replay has a longer turn time total than Lex's, but has only 1 CPU turn rather than 2. It uses the same method as the current unassisted record.
  7. In the tool-assisted replay, the player kills his own worms and manipulates the AI into killing his worms. The Armageddon does not finish the enemy team off, but the AI was manipulated into killing itself in its final turn.
  8. The second tool-assisted replay is thought to be humanly impossible. Note that in the first tool-assisted replay, the player's worm survives, whereas in the current unassisted replay it does not.
  9. This tool-assisted speedrun beats the previous run by Deadcode by a mere 3 frames! All extraneous movement has been eliminated, leaving only worm selection frames.
  10. This record exploits a bug whereby one of the CPU worms is placed randomly.
  11. 11.0 11.1 Although the mission is not complete until the crate is collected, turns that are instantaneously skipped while waiting for the crate to land have been discounted. The record replay and the TA replay are therefore considered 9- and 7-turn solutions respectively.

Understanding this table

Method credit

Getting a record is not simply a case of speed and reflexes. Missions can be completed in a large variety of ways, some faster than others, and some less obvious than others. As well as those that achieve records through their skill, so should players who have developed a new method (or part of it) deserve credit for their ideas.

Turns and Time

The time counted for these speedruns is the human team's total turn time, not including retreat time. The time taken for enemy worms to take their turn, crates to land, health to be deducted, etc, is not counted. An easy way to find this time in a replay of your own is to export a log of your replay by right-clicking it and choosing "Export Log", open the resulting log file (which will be in the same folder with the same file name as a "*.log" file) and check the time displayed after the first instance of "Turn:", which is near the end of the file.

The number of turns used is always considered first when determining the best run of a mission. This is to prevent players from using an indefinite number of 0-second turns to win missions.

Tool-assisted speedruns

These tool-assisted speedruns are similar in nature to tool-assisted speedruns for console games, such as the ones hosted at TASVideos, which archives complete speedruns of various classic console games. However, special tools were developed by Deadcode specifically for Worms Armageddon, because there is no emulation system which runs WA with tools already built in. The tools are still in development, and are not nearly as powerful as they could be yet.

These tool-assisted speedruns are played frame-by-frame, with trajectory mapping, power-angle-scanning, multiple undos (similar to the use of "savestates" in console tool-assisted speedruns) and useful indicators, allowing the player to perform actions and make shots precisely without reliance on reaction speed. These tools will not necessarily tell the player what the quickest way to complete the mission is, but they will allow the player to try out different ideas without having to rely on fast reflexes. There is often room for improvement, so no particular tool-assisted replay should be considered the fastest that is theoretically possible. Sometimes, when a new glitch is found in the game, it can be exploited to improve the time in a tool-assisted speedrun. Tool-assisted players often make use of luck manipulation, which involves a deep understanding of the game's pseudo-random number generator. This luck manipulation can affect many game elements, including the wind on subsequent turns, the trajectories of a clustered explosive, and the falling patterns of flame bits.

Tool-assisted speedruns can sometimes be regarded as goal times for unassisted players to strive for in their attempts.

Further reading about the details of the TAS build can be read on the TASVideos forum, in the Worms Armageddon discussion thread started by Lex.


Highlighted table elements indicate the most recent updates. For a list of pre-2009 updates, view this page's source code.

"All Missions" unassisted speedrunning

There is a page on speedrun.com dedicated to leaderboards for unassisted Worms Armageddon speedrunning categories, including the "All Missions" category. To qualify for placement in that category, players must follow the posted rules visible when clicking "View Rules" on that page.

For strategies and tricks used to improve such unassisted speedruns, see Mission speed strategies (Worms Armageddon) and/or the Missions Speed Run forum on TUS.


This page was originally maintained by Run as a page on his website (earliest known snapshot from 2006 on the Internet Archive), and was moved to the Worms Knowledge Base in May 2009.

We would like to thank:

Run for creating and maintaining this page all these years
Deadcode for introducing the replay feature
Lex and CyberShadow for helping Run with this page
M3ntal for starting the whole thing off with his Jurassic Worm replay
And everyone and anyone who's participated!

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