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This utility allows your worm to rise vertically; with no horizontal motion, to a higher altitude. It does not end your turn and does not require fuel. When stationary the Carpet acts as a piece of the terrain, allowing your worm to move on it, aim from it, and shoot from it, and even jump off of it, at which point it would disappear. When the turn ends, the Carpet disappears, but a few seconds retreat time is made available for the worm to descend.

The game would have to be programmed to recognise the Carpet as a piece of terrain when stationary, but still remember that it is an object that can be moved again. Also, there would have to be a second fuction that allows the up and down arrow keys to toggle between moving the Carpet and aiming weapons.

Certainly not useful for any significant transport, but can be used for accessing a high ledge at the top of a cliff, say. Also useful for peering over a hill for an easier shot with a weapon.

Another transport utility with a clearly defined purpose. In this case, the oppoisite to the bungee - allowing access the a greater height near the vertical to the worm's location. And it isn't capable of much more than that, so it would be a suitable addition to Worms.

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