Kamikaze drowning glitch

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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A replay showing the
kamikaze drowning glitch
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The glitch.

If used at the correct height, a "sink hole" created using a Kamikaze can fail, as shown in the image.

The Kamikazeing worm will drown, but will leave a small amount of land at the bottom of the landscape which prevents objects from sinking. The reason for this glitch is due to the "explosion" stage of the Kamikaze. After colliding with land during the "collision" stage, the worm will move an extra step before detonating. During this step, the worm will not cut through the land, and this is where the glitch arises.

For the glitch to work successfully, you will need to fire the Kamikaze straight downwards at the correct height. The worm must enter the "explosion" stage just before it reaches the water, so that during the single step where it moves, it enters the water and drowns, so the explosion never occurs. This will leave a very thin strip of land just above the water line.

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