Kamikaze-ing into a landmine stops the worm from dying

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If a worm pulls a Kamikaze move and collides with a landmine then the resulting explosion will knock the worm off of its path, effectively stopping the move entirely. The worm will suffer damage from the explosion plus fall damage.

In a chat conversation with Squirminator2k, Worms creator Andy Davidson confirmed that this was intended behavior, and expressed disappointment that this is not the case in later iterations of the game.

Practical aspect

The tactical implications of this glitch are few, as the mine exploding could potentially do as much as 50 points of damage (assuming you haven't adjusted the strength of mine explosions in WormsDC). However if you used a low-health worm and, following the collision, you are lucky enough to land it next to an enemy worm, the act of the worm removing itself from play could dish out up to 30 points of damage (assuming, again, that you haven't adjusted the strength of the explosion).

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