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In the original Worms 1 for MS-DOS, there is a bug that lets you take infinite actions on the same turn until the timer expires. The bug is confirmed present in the Demo, CD-ROM version, and network patch of the game, and was fixed in Worms Reinforcements/United.

Select the shotgun, and walk into a mine. You will take damage, and it will still be your turn. You can no longer select any weapons with the right mouse button this turn, but you can still use the function keys (F1, F2, etc) to select weapons. You can keep firing weapons until your turn time runs out.

Most weapons work normally, but some behave differently.

  • If you use the blowtorch, you will add time onto the timer for each second it is used.
  • If you fire the shotgun, you will end the turn.
  • If you damage yourself with Uzi recoil, you will end the turn.
  • If you use a mine or dynamite, the game will look like it has frozen, but you can unfreeze it by pressing ESC, and resuming the game. You will be unable to select or fire any weapons, but you will still be able to move. To end your turn, either wait for the timer to expire, or take damage from a mine.
  • If you use an airstrike or teleport, the game enters some weird kind of mode where releasing the space bar does nothing, and weapons can only be fired at full power.
    • If you are in that weird mode, and fire something that does not use a power meter, the weapon will not fire, you will be unable to aim (but still able to move), the turn timer will disappear, and you will be unable to select another weapon. To resume playing, you must either fall a great distance, take damage, or die, or you can draw the round.
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