Having more than 20 mines on screen at once crashes the game

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On the Amiga, Worms and WormsDC can safely support a maximum of 20 mines on screen at once. After placing the 21st mine, however, the game will begin to exhibit unintended behavior.

In Worms, once the 21st mine is placed, any Worm that attempts to jump away from it will be "vanished" - the "Nooo" sound will play, the Worm will disappear, and the message "{WORMNAME} IS AN EX-WORM" will appear, as if the Worm had fallen off the edge of the map. The next turn will then occur, but graphical distortion may appear on the screen between turns. Additional mines can still be placed, however this will increase the level fo distortion on-screen.

In WormsDC, if the 21st mine is placed on level terrain then attempting to move away from it may cause the active Worm to disappear from the screen entirely, in a similar manner to the jumping glitch mentioned above. The game will crash almost immediately afterward, filling the screen with garbage.

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