Harvesters of Sorrow

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"At first there was BB (Blinky Bills). This clan was quite succesfull in wacl. After a few months the leaders of this clan decided to kill it and start HoS: Harvesters of Sorrow. Thus HoS was formed 18 december 1999 by Link, WormPal2, MaxDamage, Capone and Rage. They named it after a Metallica song. Our aim is to have as much fun as we can. This, and our very selective tryouts system, has made us stay alive for a long time and brought us the luck to reach successes like winning WACL three times in a row, six times in total.

We were also the first (and most likely only) clan ever to reach a perfect 50-0 record in WACL. We are now moving on to WWPCL, hoping to reach the same successes there as we did in WACL, but most of all to have as much fun as we had in WACL."

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