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The Hang-Glider is pretty much like the Parachute, but with some big differences. For a start, you can't just drift vertically downwards. Try that and you'll nose-dive. Instead, you have to maintain a controlled descent using horizontal motion, and the faster you go the better you glide, the slower you fall. Glide fast enough, and you could pull up and drift upwards, something the Parachute would never achieve.

The Hang-Glider is affected by wind, but not as much as the Parachute is.

This would require a lot of new programming for it to work effectively. Programming that I wouldn't have a clue about.

What can be said about the Hang-Glider, though, is that your worm would have to be falling before it could be activated. None of this 'Do a backflip and press space' business.

People might look at this transport tool and think that it's just better than the Parachute, and would make the parachute obsolete, in the same way that the Minigun is simply better than the Uzi. But it's not. The Hang-Glider might allow worms to travel further, faster, or even gain altitude after a long glide, but the Parachute is easier to control, and can be used for a slow, vertical descent. They each have their advantages, depending on the situation.

Nothing could be more impressive, or more fun, than gliding your worm around in a big open cavern landscape in such a spectacular fashion as I am imagining right now. And the possibility of doing a bombing-run in it makes me want it in even more.

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